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Special Education School

About the School

Academia Private School is a day school that provides comprehensive educational services to children with Asperger’s syndrome, High Functioning Autism, and other related disorders. Academia Private School is fully approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The school provides its students with developmentally based, psycho-educational interventions, utilizing positive behavior supports to ensure academic and social pragmatic success. It provides a low stress, therapeutic setting necessary for the development of coping skills.
The School at a glance …

- Founded in 2016 to provide a unique educational environment for children who are complex learners with multiple learning differences.
- Special education certified in grades K-12 in Florida.
- Approved by the Florida Department of Education as an Independent School.
- Children come from public and private schools.
- Enrollment allowing with 10-12 students per class in Lower School and Upper School.
- Low teacher-student ratio.
- Individualized academic programming following grade level expectations.
- Supports sensory processing support and social thinking skills immersed into the academic curriculum.

Small School … Big Results

At Academia Private School we believe that a small school setting makes a difference for children experiencing multiple learning difficulties. With a class size between 6-12 students, we can provide a nurturing, developmental approach to independent academic success. Learning is individualized for optimal results and incorporates technology supports and hands-on experiential lessons to meet the specific needs of our students. Kids are provided a safe, caring, creative environment where children not only learn — they thrive.
At House of Academia we believe:

- That all children can be successful learners
- That all children have strengths
- That all children should be treated with respect
- That children benefit from strong positive relationships with peers
- That self-awareness and self-advocacy are foundations for successful learning
- That children benefit from participating in a classroom community
- That children will learn and thrive in a safe, caring and creative environment
- That parents are integral members of The Academia School team

Why Choose Us

Teaching Methods

  • Student Engagement
  • Hands on learning
  • Team building activities
  • Individual Assignments

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Focus on Family involvement

  • Open Communication with the family
  • Tips on how to help your child at home

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  • Measure academic progress
  • State compliant
  • Teaching at level and make academic progression

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Maximize Your Preparation

Performance Indicators and Analysis

The Digital Progress Indicator is our cutting edge technology that tracks each student and provides digital snapshots of their improvements.

Certified Instructors and Paraprofessional

Our highly trained teachers and instructors truly care about each individual student’s educational needs, their development and their successes.

Individualized attention

Academia Private School's teachers and para professionals focus on providing each student with individualized attention and extra support to prepare them for future success.

Complete Education Solution

House of Academia is the place where students of all ages come to receive the very best in educational enrichment.